10 Loves List

Chocolate Cheesecake Baking with my kids

I have two picky eaters, and one great eater.  The picky eaters LOVE to bake with me, and my adventurous eater loves to help cook dinner.  For a March birthday treat, my big boy was inspired for us to make a chocolate cheesecake. A first for us, but we all love cheesecake, and we all love chocolate.  I found the perfect recipe, it wasn’t difficult but did take time. It turned out AMAZING! Any interest in the recipe? Let me know and I’ll share it.



I’m not just talking about your Grandmother’s pearls.  Though I love vintage jewelry, personally. On our trip to the Arizona jewelry show, I fell in love with pearls all over again.  White pearls, pink pearls, silver pearls. I started to design new pieces incorporating pearls, some are going in the shop this week – and more will be coming over the new seasons. Pearl lovers, keep looking back at what’s new.


Soapy Subtitled Dramas on Netflix (should be a category)

My favorite nighttime, or laundry folding indulgence! Three kids, running a business, and a husband that can’t stand soapy subtitled dramas on netflix – I don’t get nearly enough time for this indulgence.  But dang, I’m addicted! The very first one that hooked me several years back was the Spanish Grande Hotel, then Velvet. Currently I’ve evolved to Turkish which is a bit more challenging because I have to read every word, with no basis for the language.  I suppose subtitles make me feel like I’m being really smart while watching these binge worthy shows. Am I alone? I know someone else is watching these.


April Fools Day

This is the day Richard was born.  Anyone that knows him, or meets him, and hears that he’s an April Fool’s baby – it’s like everything makes sense. He’s a jokester and sometimes he’s the only one that thinks he’s hilarious.  This birthday has made for a fun time with the kids, they are determined to trick him every year. Last year we put yellow mustard in his toothpaste tube. As I write this, kids are plotting, they really really want to get him with a good trick.  I’ll let you know what they come up with.


Lip Gloss

Amongst my obsessions is lipstick.  As long as I can remember I’ve loved all the pretty shades, at least back to the days of playing make up at my Grandmother’s vanity. I found my absolutely favorite! My favorite for now.  It’s a sheer beautiful pink stain color, and feels like chapstick going on. If you’re obsessed like me – Trish McEvoy’s Mulberry is a must!

heirloom redesign, sketch, custom jewelry


Drawing, sketching, doodling, I find them all cathartic.  As I’m diligently working on new ideas – I’ve found myself going back to drawing and sketching more.  Mostly sketching jewelry designs, some heirloom redesigns. Sitting down with a clean page in a notebook, a crisp mechanical pencil, and sharp colored pencils, makes for a great day! A little nerdy, I know. But don’t care.


Old Friends

Old friends are all love. As the saying goes, you can’t make old friends.  I’m blessed to have several old friends still in my life. And last month I was able to visit with several of them.  It was a hard month for several families that we love – making it emotional around here. Having the time to connect with old friends, people who have know you most of your life, the ups and downs, the laughter and tears. Truly a gift.  


Encouraging other Business Dreamers

Over the course of my entrepreneurial journey I’ve had the privilege of sharing with and helping other entrepreneurs.  It can be an isolating endeavour to run your own solo business – so these connections are important. Recently I’ve been asked more and more to lunches and coffee dates to chat with people inspired to start or grow their own dreams.  I have to say, I love this! I think folks feel bad asking sometimes, but it’s a pleasure and an honor to help. I think you’ll start hearing more from me on this.  I’d love to hear if any of you lovelies dream of starting or growing a business.



In our home, lacrosse season means spring has arrived! I’ve never been a sporty girl. But watching my little people love and learn and grow in this sport has been a joy. And the community of coaches that guide them is making a lifelong impact.


Assam Tea

Ahh, my morning ritual. And sometimes my afternoon ritual.  A fresh hot pot of Assam tea, with a bit of sugar and splash of milk.

I don’t care for drinking coffee (I only like it in the form of ice cream). And I search for the tastiest Assam teas (not as easy as it sounds). Call it picky, or particular, or I just like what I like. Steaming tea is how I love to start my day.