The holiday count down is on. We can hardly believe it! Cold days, dark evenings, and holiday music is in full force.

While you love finding just the right gifts to give, because it is the season of giving after all, it’s hard to resist having your own wish list!

Go ahead and drop hints, your loved ones always prefer to splurge on a gift you love!

Here are 3 ways to drop hints for the jewelry you want for the holidays:

1. Make an Online Wish List

Whether you journal, keep a blog, or share a notes app with your near and dear – making an easily accessible wish list is easy. Many online shops allow you to make a wish list and share it (fun fact: we do!). Let your loved ones know what you’ve been eyeing.

You’re just making their life easier!

2. Share It: Tweet, Post, Share

If you spend a lot of time on Social Media – here’s a chance to use it to help your tribe of people. Drop hints about what you want for the holidays. Retweet, Facebook share, or post to instagram the jewelry piece you have your heart set on. Most people don’t go a single day without checking in on Facebook, so it’s the perfect place to keep your wishlist. Instagram your jam? Make sure you add #hashtags!

3. Spill the Beans

This depends on your family – maybe subtle hint dropping is required, or maybe they ask you outright. Just let them know! Afterall, you just happen to have already created a wishlist – or shared your favs on social media.