Life can get busy and sometimes it’s hard to find time for daddy daughter bonding, so we came up with 7 sweet ideas to help you spend time with your little girl.

The bond between father and daughter is one of the most important in her life, and there is no doubt how it shapes the woman she will become. My own Dad has always been a strong, safe and loving influence in my life – and I now see this bond between my own daughter and husband. It fills my heart!

Some of my best childhood memories were of my Dad being involved in my activities (treasurer of the Girl Scout troop), braiding my hair, and always making me feel like I could be anything I wanted to be. Investing the time and love into a little girl’s heart and soul is, literally, a life changing gift. Plus daughters have their own way of softening Daddy’s heart.

The influence a Dad has on his Daughter is a great responsibility. Dads are the foundation of a young girl’s:

  • Self Image
  • Belief in her own Dreams
  • Knowing she Matters
  • Feelings of Safety
  • Choosing her future partner in life

We came up with 7 Sweet Ideas for Daddy Daughter Bonding Time:

  1. Volunteer
    Take the time to volunteer in your daughters classroom, on a field trip, or coaching her sports team. All children love to have parents volunteer, making them feel loved and special. Our own Elementary School participates in the WATCH DOGS program through the Center for Fathering.
  2. Go on a Date
    Show your daughter how a little lady should be treated, and having one on one date time is the perfect way. Breakfast Dates, Lunch Dates, Dinner Dates, Movie Dates, Putt Putt Golf Dates, the possibilities are endless. The time together matters much more than the type of date.
  3. Work on a Project: Renovate Something Old
    Maybe you can restore an old doll bed, or refinish a bookshelf for her room. Find a meaningful project to work on together! Using team work, problem solving, and the fun of completing a project together is something your daughter is bound to remember for her entire life.
  4. Learn to do her Hair
    Honestly, not only does it help Mom some days – but it shows your daughter what an awesome Dad she has.
  5. Play what she wants to play
    Have the tea party, play the board game, braid the dolls hair, or play one more round of go fish. She will always remember.
  6. Learn Something New Together
    Find something you’d love to learn together! Maybe its an online language class you can practice together, taking golf lessons, or learning to make a lasagna.
  7. Get Outside
    Spend time together in the great outdoors, walking, hiking, bike rides.

How do you get your daddy daughter time in? Let me know on twitter. Tweet me at @ErinPelicano!