I’ve never been much into New Year’s Resolutions, but one thing I do know?

I’m hopelessly devoted to creating beautiful expressions of your life.

Not just jewelry.

But tiny treasures that mean so much. They celebrate milestones, and your favorite people, your family, your life, and even loss.

I’ve been listening closely, all year long, and the #1 request that you’ve shared with me is to find the perfect expression of love and joy that you’re searching for.

That’s why I’m declaring this year be the Year of MOMENTS.

I’m on a mission to help you capture the meaningful moments you have in 2018. Most especially celebrate the meaningful moments of the people in your life. After all Gifting happiness to someone else is the best! (Well we all love gifting ourselves a little happiness too – my husband is really good at that).

I’m so excited for what we have in the works this year! New collections and ways to gift that celebrate the MOMENTS, and make your life EASY.

Here are some of my Promises to You:

This year I’m promising to share some of my Moments with you! The antics of my life inspire so much of my collection – It will be a fun behind the scenes. I despise being on video, but i promise to put on my big girl pants and try sharing some behind the scenes video of our work!

I’m busy designing, and creating, and working on these ideas that swirl around me constantly. I’d love to know YOUR moments coming up this year that you are looking forward to celebrating, or might need the perfect piece of jewelry for! Just Reply and send me a NOTE, I promise to listen.

A little surprise for you, if you can’t resist some 80s tunes like me – here is the right way to start 2018 with Promises, Promises! 

Can’t wait to celebrate with you this year, all the MOMENTS!
To Love & Family, Erin

Photo by Jen Boccia Photography