About Erin Pelicano


Meet Erin Pelicano

Following a creative heart. After a decade in her career field of engineering, Erin turned her dream of a brand that connects people, into a growing business. Her first pieces, made for friends and family, became treasured gifts.

In a single emotional year, Erin lost her brother tragically, and celebrated the birth of her first child. The deep need to commemorate the connection with those we love, Erin’s designs are inspired by her life and love. Erin and her husband, Richard now run the business together with their three young children.

The Erin Pelicano collection speaks to the sentiment in your heart. Life’s moments are worth celebrating! Simple, sophisticated & crafted with love in America.

“I often hear that people are ordering my pieces to commemorate or celebrate something in their lives, and it’s touched me in a way I couldn’t have imagined. I’m delighted to play a small part in their stories.”

— Erin Pelicano