My thirteen-year-old granddaughter and I have had numerous discussions regarding genealogy and mtDNA, the genes passed from mother to daughter in our Haplogroup for the last 25,000 to 30,000 years, or more. My granddaughter saw your Grandmother. Daughter, Granddaughter necklaces on before Christmas and insisted that should be my Christmas gift. The special order gold necklaces were not ordered in time to arrive before Christmas so I was surprised and thrilled when I opened my gift, a picture of the necklaces to come. I anxiously anticipated their arrival and then had to wait again until the three of us could be together for the ritual of opening and donning the necklaces. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. We have all worn them continually since that day. It is a symbolic gift of love that reminds us continually that we are genetically linked, generation to generation, with all the mothers in our Haplogroup. Thank you for providing a way to acknowledge and honor the DNA we carry from our mother-lineage. I hope that others will see this as a fitting way to honor their mtDNA and their mothers of the past. Happy Mothers’ Day! -Susan