Happiness is music to our ears. There are many reasons we do what we do: every single one of you who supports Erin Pelicano Jewelry. See what customers are saying in their Erin Pelicano Jewelry reviews:

“This was a great gift for my wife and she loved it.” – Zachary B

“I got this for my mom for Christmas and she was in tears! She wears it all the time. It’s a simple necklace and great for everyday wear. Thank you so much!” – Sam Y

“Erin- I want to say thank you so much for creating this. My daughter has the larger one, and myself and her birth mother have the smaller hearts. She has mentioned so much to her and has helped her heal.” – Jenna

“I wear this with pride and its perfect! I love it!! Thank you!” – Tracey M

“Stunning! The necklace was a gift to my husband celebrating years of sobriety. He adores it and everyone comments on the necklace’s uniqueness and beautiful craftsmanship.” – Michelle M

“My mom is not a huge fan of a lot of the corny mother of the bride gifts out there, but this is perfect. It’s simple, classy, and I just love that we can both wear it and we’ve always got a piece of each other with us. It looks great, thank you so much!” – Katie

We love how much our customers love their gifts. See what’s in store for you and shop now!