Sometimes days are HARD. When the day isn’t looking up, what helps you get through it with a smile on your face? Here are a few of our favorite:

  1. Breathe.
    Sometimes all it takes is breathing and a clear mind. Whether it’s a few deep breathes as you sit in your car after the drive home from work, or a full hour of yoga videos and focused breathing, you will likely feel the stress and worries fade after some air and a clear mind. But sometimes it’s not that easy, so we have a few of our favorite tips for you… 

  2. Think about 3 things that you’re grateful for.
    Recalling things that you’re grateful for, the special people, moments, or luxuries you consider yourself lucky to have, is proven to improve your mood. A few things I’m grateful for: my wonderful family, being able to do what I love for a living, and mint chocolate chip ice cream!

    I like to keep what I’m grateful for close to me. Our personalized mantra necklaces are perfect for keeping close the little reminders of the things that make you happy. 
  3. Find one thing that could make today better, and make it happen.
    Whether it’s cooking your favorite meal for dinner, that pint of Ben and Jerry’s that accidentally fell into your grocery cart, a trip to the pet store to pet some puppies you’ll never buy, or a good old Friends re-run… think of something that’s bound to make your day a little brighter and just do it. 
  4. Listen to your favorite song.
    Music is a wonder. It evokes certain feelings and has the power to take us back to a time or place. Do you have a favorite mood boosting song? Maybe it’s even a little embarrassing to admit, but it never fails to make you smile? Here are a few mood boosters:

    I’m A Believer by The Monkees
    Walkin’ On Sunshine by Katrina
    Wildflowers by Tom Petty
    Sugar, Sugar by The Archies
    Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae
  5. Buy yourself something pretty.
    A new dress can improve your mood, and this may be a little bias, but I always think a lovely little piece of gold or silver can make someone’s day a little brighter. Shop our best sellers, or Zoe’s Chocolate for beautiful sweets! 

  6. Just know things will get better.
    The saying goes, “you give life to what you give energy to.” Did you have a bad day, or did you have a bad half hour that ruined your mood for the rest of the day? Put yourself in the driver’s seat and set your mind on being happy and positive!