I have a HANGER issue

Full disclosure, this has been a lifelong problem. Nothing new to motherhood or entrepreneur life.
As the years pass, life changes and children grow –

I have no hopes of my hanger problem improving.

I wake up starving, I must eat something every few hours. Naturally, I try planning a few meals ahead.
If the time to eat passes me by – watch out. Even my children know to beware.

Entrepreneur life offers fantastic flexibility over my time most weeks. The other side of that, is sometimes you find yourself in work mode all day and night. Add on Mom life, where we put ourselves last. Those days go: work, lose track of time, get hangry, eat a sleeve of girl scout cookies while making lunch.

This MomBoss confession is inspired by asking my dear husband who my Snickers commercial character would be when I’m hungry.

Without hesitation he tells me,

Joe Pesci

He thinks he’s funny.

I’d consider myself more of a Tony Soprano to be honest. Not quite as volatile as the Joe Pesci characters I remember, scary just the same.
*search Joe Pesci’s snickers commercial, it’s hilarious

It felt like one of those, say the first thing that comes to your mind, moments of honesty.
Telling it like it is, I guess that’s how we’ve made it this long in marriage.

Do you get hangry?
Who’s your “You’re not you when you’re hungry” alter ego?

Until Next Month,