Hard to believe, but this year we’ll mark 8 years in business! Entrepreneurship alone is a wild ride, add on 3 kids and everyday is an adventure (without ever needing to leave the house).  I’m often asked about running my own business, starting my own business, juggling Motherhood with business. So really, it’s about time I start sharing more of this side of life with you all.

My Worry Monster, she’s a real Witch

Have you seen the latest POM juice commercials with the Worry Monster?

If you haven’t, google it.

It’s this weird, sad, hideous horned beast that stands behind her human – spewing all the things to worry about.

Talk about relatable marketing.

Fifteen seconds was all it took for my sad little ah ha moment! I’ve a big old hideous worry monster myself.  And she’s been hanging around since I’ve been able to form memories, the witch used to tell me the house might catch on fire.

I decided mine is probably closer to the teacher turned witch in Ralphie’s Red Ryder fantasy.

All shrill, and annoying, and repetitive – a real witch.

And she knows how to push my fear buttons – sickness, money, am I good enough, do I know what I’m doing, am I good enough at Motherhood, and on and on it goes.

I’m a worrier, I like to think of myself as a warrior too, but always a worrier.  And that witch has been hijacking my days for too long. I’m not sure how much pomegranate juice I’ll be drinking everyday, but I am damned sure it’s time my worry monster gets a makeover, and stops hanging around so much.

January is my annual revamp of my Vision board, my helpful happy uplifting reminders.  And this year I’m adding the visual of a worry monster makeover.

I’m honestly not at all into sci-fi, or fantasy stories – but the idea of visualizing your worries as a monster offers me some hope as to get rid of her!

Are you a worrier too? I’d love to hear if you’ve gotten a handle on your worry.


Smart, well rounded children.  What all of us Mamas really want right? Happy children. Productive children. Kind children.

We want them to reach for the stars, be their best selves, work hard, be respectful.

And be a little less disgusting.

I feel incredibly blessed with my children.  The mere fact that we have three sweet, healthy (for the most part, I’ve shared last year’s medical mystery), happy children that enjoy learning and school.  That is my dream come true.

When they were itty bitty babies we started reading to them, we made reading part of every bedtime ritual.  They still read every night before they go to sleep.

We talk about goals, about learning, about finding something you love and working hard at it.  Their education has always taken a leading role in how we parent. And I’m thankful that they love learning, and school is important to them.

So why, for the love of all that is sacred, have I failed as a Mother in successfully teaching them to flush the toilet?

We’re talking ages 13, 12, and 9.  It’s not cute anymore.

It’s almost like grown man poop, just hanging out until Mom does her daily round up of toilet checks.

Back in the potty training days I remember people saying, oh they won’t go to college in diapers, they’ll be ready to potty train when they’re ready.

Yeah, that was true.

But what about toilet flushing? There might just be kids off to college, and executives in business that somehow forget to flush.

So here I am, just another Mama, trying her best – praying by adulthood they’ll remember some basics.

Until next month.

Xo, Erin