We recently shared the celebration of our 6th anniversary, launching the Erin Pelicano Brand. I am filled with gratitude for each of you that have been a part of our community of spreading love.

I decided it’s time to re-introduce myself and share my story.

EPJ is inspired by both the joy and suffering of my own life. In my twenties I lost my brother, my only sibling, and it rocked my family to its core. Less than one year later my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world. In that short span of time I experienced the greatest sorrow and the greatest happiness imaginable. Several years and two more babies later I launched EPJ with a vision of offering love, light, and inspiration for people to share.

Life has a funny way of not following your plans and it turned my focus from an engineering career to a path to follow my heart in creating a brand that celebrates love and life. Hailing from a small town in Maryland and obsessed with ice cream; I grew up with a love of family, pretty things, and a mind for math. My earliest memories of jewelry are tied to playing dress up with my grandmother in her stashes of makeup and jewelry.

With a passion to create and learn, my husband and I found ourselves in silversmithing class date nights at our local Weinberg Visual Arts Center. Then one memorable holiday season, I found myself creating pretty little inspirational jewelry gifts – and the vision of our brand was born.

The EPJ brand has grown into a family business, as Richard and I now work as a team, spreading love and inspiration and celebration of family.

Designing from a personal and thoughtful place in my heart I start each day with a deep gratitude for my life and my family, and tend to the quiet ache of loss in my heart. I imagine everyone around waking to their own joys and loss – and I strive to inspire these tender pieces of your heart.

I create jewelry to celebrate your story… life’s collateral beauty.

Our mission is to spread love, and celebrate every client’s personal story. We strive to provide stellar personal service that reminds you how important you are!


With fierce sense of loyalty, and Irish-Italian roots, I believe family is the center of all that is good.

We believe in practicing gratitude, even for the smallest things, keeping a positive grateful outlook makes life better.

Let’s just be nicer to one another. Kindness costs nothing, but can mean everything.

Our biggest dreams can come true with faith, and hope, and hard work. Work for it, don’t wish for it.

At the end of the day, ice cream can make anything a little bit better.

Through my vision of spreading love and light, I encourage you to tell one another how much you love and appreciate each other, call up your mom or that friend you’ve been meaning to reach out to, and always be kind.

Looking for a thoughtful and meaningful gift to make someone’s day? Browse the Erin Pelicano collection.