Ah, motherhood. It brings so much joy and light into our lives, and yet sometimes you question how 3 little humans can produce so much dirty laundry. Four moms shared with us their take on motherhood to celebrate Mother’s Day…

It humbles us:

“Motherhood: it’s taught me how not to be. I can’t think of myself only. And ironically that’s a big thing I teach to my boys. Always think of others, your family, friends, even strangers.” -Swati

It makes us laugh:

“When you have a lot of children, people often say (in a joking way), “are you crazy?” And my response is always the same….my children are the BEST things I have ever done. I would be crazy to NOT want more!” -Alison

It is the sweetest:

“My son regularly brings home flowers for me from the grocery store. He is so excited to give them to me and brighten my day!” -Roxanne

Then some days its real life and makes you say:

“Today is not the best day to ask me for a quote on Motherhood” -Rebecca

To all you mothers out there: no matter how trying a day may be, how much stress is weighing on you, the work that you do to raise your children is absolutely priceless. On May 14th, 2017 and every other day, we celebrate you! Happy Mother’s Day, and hats off to the hard work you put in every day. The world wouldn’t go on without you.