Not just jewelry. Treasures of celebration and love.
Erin Pelicano started making jewelry in 2011, she designs a timeless collection meant to be cherished and worn for years. Each piece is individually handcrafted with love and artistry in sterling silver, 14k fine gold, and gold filled designs. The heart of our jewelry embraces your story, and celebrates the meaningful moments of your life.

Sparkly reminders that you are Loved Everyday.
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The Story

How I started creating jewelry & Why I started the Erin Pelicano brand

About Erin Pelicano

The Erin Pelicano collection is created with love to celebrate life’s moments. As a Mom to three children, Erin designs piece from her life story – to celebrate your life story. We love working with Moms, Children, Brides, and Families for the perfect piece of fine jewelry.

“I’m pretty sure you saved my marriage” -one happy husband customer

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