Sunstone, Top 10 Loves List


Headed into March with hopes of Spring, and looking forward to lots of celebrating. Our anniversary, my first born and my Mama’s birthday all fall in this month.
I’m sharing some of my favorite things! Things that make me happy, I’m not affiliated with anything I share. Some good old fashioned – dishing on my favorite things.

In our house, part of celebrating the kids birthdays is a home cooked family dinner for the 5 of us. With the birthday boy or girl choosing their favorite meal. Love our little tradition. Even more so as the kids get older, and their tastes are expanding, it’s fun to see their choices evolve. We’ve had homemade mac and cheese, homemade raviolis (a labor of love), and once steak and pickles. Wondering what my biggest boy will choose for his 14th, not so long ago he was super picky.

St Patrick’s Day
Wedding anniversary day in our house! Our St. Patrick’s day wedding, 18 years ago, was the best. Now that we’re out of the baby phase, we love taking the day for us. Some Irish Music, Irish pub food, a bit of Whiskey, and come home with our favorite cupcakes to share with the kids. It’s true that the little things in life feed your soul.

Here in Maryland, it feels like we haven’t seen much of the sun in the past year. Early February Richard and I traveled the the Gem show in Arizona. A fabulous experience. But it was unseasonably cold. I’d been looking forward to a sunny retreat, luckily the gorgeous gems kept us busy. With spring on the horizon, I am looking forward to more sunshine coming our way!

Clearly, I’ve some sort of sun deprivation. I realize as I write this, my list includes Sunstones & Here Comes the Sun & sunshine.

Night time rituals
Another little ritual that makes me happy, our nighttime routine with the kids. Nothing fancy, prayers, chit chat, essential oils, and goodnight kisses. I they would get ready for bed without irritating each other that would make it even better. As it is, I still love it, it makes my Mama heart full. We started in the spirit of creating good sleepers (which they are). I realize on the cusp of full blown teenage years – I’ll always treasure these nighttime routine memories.

sunstones, oregon sunstone jewelry

Oregon Sunstones
I’m obsessed! At the gem show in Arizona, we had the pleasure of meeting with two sunstone mining companies from Oregon. One of them focuses on employing Native Americans, the other on employing US Veterans. Creating and sourcing our jewelry from within the US, as much as possible, is important to us. Making these something to get excited about! Semi-precious gems, sunstones have a glowing effect caused by copper inclusions. I love the colors ranges from pale peach, orange to reds. This year I’ll have the pleasure of sharing sunstones with you.

Here comes the Sun
Not only do I love this song. And crave real sunshine. My baby girl has been practicing this song on the piano for her school’s talent show. She is amazing. So everyday this song (getting better and better everyday), fills our home. Love it!

Jen Sincero
Did you see my Badass necklace I shared on social media recently? Reading business, and motivational books are part of my routine. After our busy Christmas season, I love to dive into something new – this year it was the books by Jen Sincero. Her perspective on mindset is outstanding, and just what I needed to read. If you’re in need of some fresh motivation, get your hands on her books.

Tall girl pants
I’m a tall girl, I rarely find tall length jeans and pants in local shops. Even big brand shops suggest I go online to order tall lengths. I’ve treated myself to Stitch fix, it is amazing. I love it, occasionally something isn’t for me, but mostly I want to keep it all. This week a box arrived and it did not disappoint! If you’re like me, sometimes crave some fresh duds, but don’t often take the time to shop for yourself. And need tall girl pants – Stitch Fix stylists find the perfect fit.

Girl Scout Cookies
Need I say more? I’m eating a mini stack of frozen thin mints while I write this. For the life of me, I can’t imagine anyone not loving girl scout cookies. As a girl scout Mom I love them when they are gone too. Temptation to eat them all is too hard to resist! So I’m thankful they are a once a year treat.

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