Spread kindness, share joy, make the world a tiny bit better. Lift the spirits of friends and strangers in your life through small acts of kindness sprinkled throughout your day.

It can be super easy, and with these 17 ideas you can start right now!

  1. Say good morning.
  2. Send a message to three people right now, with a heartfelt compliment.
  3. Bring something yummy to share to the office, Mom group, anywhere you plan to go today.
  4. Write a good old fashioned note to someone that needs a little inspiration, and drop it in the mail.
  5. To the next nice server you have, leave an extra big tip.
  6. Hold the door for someone.
  7. Make that phone call you’ve been avoiding, use it as a practice in patience.
  8. When you bring in a new piece of clothing, take out one to donate.
  9. Compliment someone while others are listening.
  10. Gift a book that makes you think of someone in your life.
  11. When you see well behaved children, praise the parents and the children!
  12. Clean up after someone else, without complaint.
  13. Leave someone flowers.
  14. Smile at a stranger.
  15. Take a donation into your local animal shelter.
  16. Listen. Listen without interruption, and make someone feel heard.
  17. Say “please” and “thank you” to everyone you encounter today.

Wishing you each a holiday season full of kindness and love!