It’s the middle of January, and this is the time of year I start to dream of warmer days. The holidays are well past us, Spring still feels far away, and despite loving a few snow days sometimes I’m just so cold! Bone chilling cold. Wear a ridiculous amount of fleece cold. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to warm up and dream of warm sunny days.

  1. Inside Picnic in the Sunshine. I started doing this when my boys were toddlers. Day after day in the dead of winter stuck inside with energetic boys, and I got creative. We have an area in our home where a line of windows allows midday sunshine to pour in. Most days we can find our sweet dog Chewy there sunning. I decided to set out a picnic blanket and we’d have a lunch picnic in the warmth of winter sunshine.
  2. Tea. A fresh pot of hot perfectly brewed tea, not just a cup, but a lovely pot of tea. I’m partial to tea, since coffee puts me in overdrive. The ceremony of boiling water, and brewing a fresh hot pot of tea is good for the soul. I find my favorite Assam teas in my local tea shop, Voila Special Teas!

  3. Bake your favorite cookies. I started baking traditional Italian biscotti at the Holidays years ago. As life got busier I started sticking to Christmas cookies with the kids, and save the biscotti for January. Make the dough, bake the loaf, slice, and bake again. Must be the double baking, but baking my favorite biscotti makes us happy and warm!

    winter-cookie-recipe winter-activities-to-stay-warm
  4. Exercise. Notice I didn’t say, my 4 favorite ways to warm up my winter days. No matter the level of your exercise routine – it’s a sure way to warm up. And feeling healthy is a bonus. Even if your winter version of a work out it pulling the kids up the hill in a sled, props to you for getting a little sweaty – I’m sure you’ll feel it later.