Reaching a milestone birthday this year, has gifted me time for reflection. I thought I’d share some of my truths, I’d love to hear yours. Share your truths with us @erinpelicano.

1) You Need a Good Set of Tweezers and a Magnifying Mirror

Honestly. We all need to embrace ourselves, love ourselves, feel beautiful and comfortable in our own skin.  It’s all true.  In this day and age of airbrushed perfection, it’s sadly easy to slip into the comparison game.  By 40 it’s a lot easier to feel beautiful and accept who you are. The honest truth is — good tweezers and a magnifying mirror have now become your bffs.

2) Listen to your Gut

How many times in your life have you said to yourself, I wish I had listened to my gut? A lot, right? I know I have.  Whatever your beliefs are, that gut feelings are God speaking to you or natural instincts, it’s time to start listening.  At 40 you realize the truth in your gut feelings.  And have the experience to back it up.

3) Value Time

As 4 decades pass, you are faced with the value of time. How quickly it passes.  To stop and realize you’ve reached this milestone age, gives you pause. I remember the days before I turned 13 vividly, and I thought that 13 sounded incredibly grown up.  Now 27 years and a life of experience has slipped by.  My biggest truth, is by 40 you realize the value of each day, each moment, and cherish it.

4) Recognizing Your Resilience

You are here.  You have lived, and learned, and wept and felt true joy. You’ve survived it all.  While we each have a different journey in life, it’s safe to say by 40 most folks have experienced turmoil, loss, love and joy.  There is power in recognizing your own resilience, to face and embrace your life with all that it brings.

5) You be You, and I’ll be Me

It’s a pretty good deal.  If we could all truly embrace this at any age.  Stop caring what others think of you. Find your tribe, people that support you and celebrate you, and you celebrate them.  Based on the other truths I’ve come to believe – there’s no time for anything else.  

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