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My Numbers Dilemma

My first baby.

My sweet little boy that used to call Chocolate milk, Ca Noi (who the freak knows where that came from).

He turned 14.


So in my math oriented brain, it’s a continuous calculation – and it’s making me on the verge of tears.  


2 years until possible driver’s license, feeling a little nauseous.  

Two years?


At this phase of life, that’s nothing.  That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been meaning to repaint the sad bench on my porch.


4 years until he’s an adult.  That can’t be possible.

It makes my second baby boy close behind him.

And in 4 years that would make my baby girl a teenager.


Clearly we can’t slow down time.

Richard reminds me, this is what we want to happen.

I try to do all the things you read – treasure the moment, be present…


But he’s only about an inch shorter than me

And I’m tall for a lady!


So while I should be getting my taxes finished, my number crunching is exclusively calculating all the ways my babies are growing up too fast.

How do you handle this side of mothering? I’d love to hear.


Hand Talking

hand talking, confessions

Go ahead and laugh at the photo evidence, it’s ridiculous.

Last year I was asked to speak at a jewelry industry event, with FT&A.

Speaking in front of people makes me feel a little bit panicked.

Leaving my comfort zone is something I’m trying to do more of.


After the event I open the email link to the photographers lovely array of pics from the day.  

The absurdity. Every single photo of me shows me hand talking.

I laughed, and cringed.


Modern business advice is a lot of, videos, videos, videos.  To connect to people. So your customers can really get to know the person behind the brand.  

Last year we created our brand story video.

The truth behind the scenes is, I was sitting ON my hands for most of my filming.


I’ll just blame it on my DNA.  I decided to do some research, and while legend says Italians speak with their hands, in fact there have been whole studies on why.  I’m only part Italian, but clearly enough to depend on my hand talking to make a point.


So, if I get brave enough this year, to start sharing more videos behind the scenes here – expect to see my hands flying.


Until next Month,


Our Brand Story Video!