Mom Boss Confessions

Summer Vacation

Last week was our family beach trip, this week is recovery and catch up.

Any other Mamas out there exhausted after family vacation? I’m guessing every single one of you.

I love the excitement and joyful energy my kids have as we embark on vacation.
They are also so darn messy, and tired and bicker. I was chatting with a dear friend who’s children are younger, and she was disappointed to hear vacation doesn’t become relaxing as they get older. Good news is they are so much more helpful carrying things and packing and unpacking!

I still get home, soaking in the memories made, and dream of grown up only getaway.

The Day Before Vaca

Never fails, the day before vacation turns me into a mad woman.  Because my entire to do list that isn’t finished is crammed into the final hours.  As a small business this is a really really big deal! There is nobody to leave work behind for, I inevitably still have remote work to accomplish while we are away. Each year I do a better job of stepping away as much as possible – to recharge, and focus on my people.

Friday arrived, and I headed out to shop for car snacks, sunscreen, all of the essentials I’d forgotten so far.  Deciding I really needed to get the oil changed in the family car before we loaded up, I went to my local quick oil change spot.

My mind on to-do list overdrive, I managed to drive over the precarious hole in the floor incident free. Roll my window down. And completely forget all of my car basics.  Feeling like a complete idiot – I forgot where the button was to find my mileage, how to pop my hood, and where to turn the lights off of automatic.  Flustered, I really wanted to tell the nice patient man – that I’m actually smart and capable, even if I didn’t seem like it.

I head over to our local Target for last minute shopping, with a detour to find help for a young girl that really needed child protective services.  Made my Mommy heart break for her.

Like a time warp, dinner time was upon us. No time (or energy) to cook, I headed over to the brand new Cava restaurant in our town. Excited to taste the Mediterranean deliciousness.  Apparently most of our town had the same idea, in typical new restaurant fashion. The parking lot was so full and the line was out the door.

But the much smaller “drive thru” line called my name.

Soaking in some alone time with a podcast, I waited in line to order dinner.  And I waited, and I waited.  Finally I was almost there, looked up at the sign, which said Order Online and Pick up by car.  I felt my last bit of energy drain.  Next in line, I tell the sweet young person working there that I thought it was like a Chick-fil-A drive through.  I know she felt so bad as she told me they were really behind – and yes, it was only for online order pick ups.

I drove away thinking, does 40 something now make me so old that a drive thru is old fashioned?!

New plan, we ate, we packed, we made it, and our week at Rehoboth Beach, DE went way too fast.


Until Next Time,