I’ve started making a vision board about five years ago, when I was trying to find a way to keep myself motivated on reaching goals and feeling inspired.

The number one reason you should make a vision board: THEY WORK!

It’s about visualization. Visualizing your hopes and dreams and goals. Call it what you want – positivity, being inspired, law of attraction, or a powerful mind exercise. No matter your personal beliefs around it, having a positive focus that you can see is great. Every. Day.

The big secret is making your board reflect how you want to FEEL. Not just things you want, or places you’d like to go. Be intentional about everything you add, and how it makes you feel.

Here’s How To Make Your Vision Board

The details are truly a matter of personal preference, and matter very little. What matters is you connecting to your vision board.

  1. Start with a board that you can hang. I use a simple cork board, many board options are available at your local craft or office supply store.
  2. Make it yours. I painted the wooden frame on mine, and covered the cork with a pretty paper. Even though the goal of the board is to have it mostly covered, starting with a base that you love is important. You are building layers.
  3. Set your intentions. Think about the themes, goals, feelings you’d like to inspire and bring to life using your vision board. If writing them down is helpful, do so.
  4. Gather your pieces. I scour magazines, books, catalogs, fabrics, labels, anything that you connect with your intentions. Personally, I find myself pulling a lot of words, sayings, a photographs that make me feel happy and peaceful. Lastly, if there is a place I’d like to travel to, personal or business goals, and material things of interest I include those as well.
  5. Now it’s time to create your board. For me, I set aside time every January to recreate my vision board. I love to layer my pieces, lay your pieces out following how you feel. Once they’re all in their proper place, go back and tack them in place using glue.
  6. Find it’s place. Where will you look at it every day? For me, I hang mind on a wall in my closet. It allows me to take the time to look at it and “visualize” when I start my day. And because I’m fairly private, it’s not out for public display. For you, it might be different! If your office, kitchen, or family space feels right – chose it. The key is finding a space where you will look at it every day.
  7. Daily practice is important. It doesn’t take much time. But add it to your other daily rituals to start your day – a few minutes to reflect on your board and intentions. Throughout the year you might want to make changes and updates, make it yours.