Family Leaves Sterling Silver

She treasures her loved ones above all else; she knows she is part of a vibrant, thriving family tree with ever-spreading branches and endless potential. She feels the comforting weight of the charm she wears near her heart and remembers that her family is always with her.With delicate feminine details and meaningful symbolism, each Erin Pelicano charm is a talisman of love and happiness; an artfully crafted heirloom that she can enjoy every day, forever. The Charming Leaf is a perfect collectible, an ideal piece to represent each cherished member of a family.Boxed on a Family Card.Proudly crafted entirely in the USA.Shop 14k Gold Charm Collection


    • Designed and Crafted entirely in USA
    • 16" or 18" sterling silver chain
    • Charm 1/2" in length